Thursday, February 21, 2013

Throwback Thursdays

Originally appeared in Slick Comics Vol. 4,  February 18, 1990

Work With What You Got

I've always loved drawing comic strips. I was 11 when I created Slick and I was eager to make books featuring my comics. Publishing books is very expensive. I didn't have access to a printer. I didn't have a computer. The internet hadn't been invented yet. 

So, I made my own books using what was available to me: No. 2 pencils, Felt tip pens, 5-subject notebooks and glue. 

Sure, technology makes cartooning more efficient and enhances the artwork. But you know what? Looking at those old drawings reminds me that, if you have the passion, all it takes is a notebook full of blank pages and a healthy imagination to make it happen.

Artwork recreated using Photoshop + Wacom Cintiq, 2012

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