Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cartoons & Design: A Healthy Marriage

Combining Graphic Design and Cartooning works

Last week, I did a Valentine's themed story in my webcomic, Roofus. The cupid character reveals that he doesn't use the old-fashioned bow and arrow anymore. Today's modern cherub uses the Cupid Arrow iPhone App.

I'm a graphic designer by day and a cartoonist by night. During the day, I'm designing stuff for clients which limits my creative freedom. When I did these designs for the Cupid's Arrow App, it was fun because I was designing for myself for a change. 

I love design and I love cartooning. Combining the two is lots of fun. I look forward to writing more "design" gags into future Roofus comics. Read the Cupid storyline @ roofuscomic.com

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