Monday, September 13, 2010

My First 24 Hour Comic

24 Hour Comic Day is fast approaching. This year, it will be held on October 2. Once again, I plan on participating and I am looking forward to it. For those not in the know, 24 Hour Comic Day is an annual event in which cartoonists around the world attempt to create a 24 page comic book within 24 hours. 

In past years, I have made a total of three 24 Hour Comics. You can see last year's 24 Hour Comic here. Also, you can read my 2008 24 Hour Comic here. My first 24 Hour Comic attempt was in 2006.  Technically, it was a failure because I didn't complete the comic within the 24 hour period (however, I DID finish the pencils within 24 hours). Eventually, I did finish it, adding the final inks and lettering to the penciled pages.

Instead of doing one continuous story, I decided to do a variety of stand-alone comic strips featuring parodies of famous funnies as well as my lesser-known comic strip creations. Rather than post the entire comic in one LONG post, I've decided to post it over the next few weeks leading up to this year's 24 Hour Comic Day. Enjoy.

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