Sunday, January 31, 2010

24 Hour Comic Book 2008

This is my 24 Hour Comic Book from 2008. This was the first 24 comic that I successfully completed within the 24 hour deadline. It's a nice little story about Grody the Cockroach pestering an anonymous man. There's also a 4 page back-up gag involving Grody and a bum. Originally, the bum story was planned to be the main story, but the artwork was too laborious for a 24 deadline. It took me about six hours to finish four pages of pencils and inks.

I decided to start over, using only a felt tip pen and NO pencils. If I made a mistake, I would just throw away the drawing and start over. Using this method, I averaged about six pages an hour. I decided to use the bum story as a back up story since those pages were already drawn. When you've only got 24 hours to finish a comic book, you learn not to waste any drawings. It may be rough around the edges, but I'm very proud of this little comic.

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