Friday, May 21, 2010

My Bubble Rap Artwork

As I mentioned yesterday, I, along with 14 other artists,  am being featured in a local art show called Bubble Rap. Technically, I'm not being artwork is (pardon my awkward sentence structure). This is a small exhibit, so each artist is only allowed two pieces in the show. Today, I present to you, my contribution to the arts:

Self Portrait (Apologies to Roy). 
Acrylic on Canvas. 36" x 48"

This is a piece I did in college, but I am still very proud of it. It is done in the style of 60s pop artist Roy Lichtenstein (hence the title). Lichtenstein is well-known for this comic book portraits, and they ARE great. Personally, I liked his abstract, Pablo Picasso-style artwork better. This is what I attempted to emulate with this piece. This is supposed to be a abstract painting of myself, but there are elements of Roofus present. The round nose in the middle is a combination of my nose and Roofus' nose. Also, if you look at the tag on the shirt, you'll see the Roofus logo banner with the letter 'R' for Roofus.

Beverly Hills Roofus 
Pen and Ink. 20" x 30"

Since my first piece is older, I wanted to include a new piece. This is one of the most recent Roofus comic strips that I've done. It is a Sunday format strip, meaning if it were published in newspapers, this particular strip would appear in the Sunday paper. I like the Netflix "logobox" gag and it loosely ties into the whole DVD theme of this strip. It looks very cool printed at a larger size.

Remember, if you are in the Shreveport-Bossier area, come check out some cool artwork at Bubble Rap. Hope to see you there. Well, I might not be there when you are. But my art will be. You get the picture (pun intended and regretted).

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  1. Great stuff man, I will be there in spirit!