Friday, November 11, 2011

Jonas Bot 3000

I recently finished another crafty project. My friend and fellow 4 After 5 crew member, Travis Eck and his loving wife had a bouncing baby boy. They were decorating their son's room with a Robot theme. So they asked me, Jeremy Johnson and Jeff Welborn to design a toy robot for the baby room. Over a year later, I finally finished this project (pardon my haste, Trav). Regardless, I think it turned out swell.

I started with a Color Blanks vinyl figure. Then I spray painted the figure with primer and let it dry. Once dry, I spray painted the figure with some Hammered Metal texture paint.

Once dry, I applied black acrylic paint all over the robot's body. Then, I wiped off the excess black leaving some black in the cracks and crevasses of they metal texture. This process is called antiquing. Then I applied some "Blinkies" for the eyes. When you rotate the eyes, they light up! Finally, I added  a decal for the mouth and some small details with a Sharpie pen.

Eyes turned off

Eyes turned on

So there you have it. Since Travis' son is named Jonas, it only seems fitting to name the robot after his master. Jonas Bot 3000 is fully operational and ready to serve his human overlords.

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