Monday, May 31, 2010

The Merry Month of May

The original column that this illustration was done for was about irritating things. Specifically, things that irritated the author of this column. I am really proud of the original sketch because it includes ALL of the irritating things that she (the author) mentioned in the column. Unfortunately, I had to take out some of the jokes or visual gags, because the illustration felt too busy. I think the original drawing would have worked if it had been printed in a larger format. Here's a list of the irritating things that are included in the original drawing:

1. The month of May
2. Pot holes
3. Starbucks coffee
4. Subscription cards in magazines
5. Dirty cars
6. Spring cleaning
7. Bumper stickers
8. Vanity plates
9. Litter
10. Billboards
11. Hard to open medicine tablet packaging
12. Pollen
13. Shopping bags blowing in the wind

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