Friday, March 18, 2011


There's this cool guy I know. His name is Kenny Keil. He's a cartoonist. A few years ago, he moved to sunny California and signed a book deal with independent publisher, Slave Labor Graphics. They published the first issue of Kenny Keil's creation, Tales to Suffice. Life was swell.

Then, the economy tanked. Slave Labor Graphics placed issues 2 & 3 of Tales to Suffice on indefinite hiatus. Did this discourage Mr. Keil? 

Of course, it did. Don't be an idiot. 

Discouragement notwithstanding, Kenny was not going to let a measly recession stand in the way of his dream. He started a Kickstarter project to help raise the funds necessary to self-publish his book. With the donations from his Kickstarter backers, he met that goal. A few months later, Giant-Sized Tales to Suffice is a reality. In fact, it's for sale right now. Stop reading this and go buy a copy!

Once again, congrats Kenny.

This is the cover art. The book collects the first issue of TTS published by SLG, AND issues 2 & 3. That's three full issues of pure entertainment. It's VERY FUNNY, especially if you love comic books. It's a comic book for comic book fans.

Here's a pic of my Finkleman Fun Pack. As a backer, Kenny sent me a HUGE PILE OF REWARDS: artwork, pins, stickers, postcards, a mini-comic, sketches (not to mention the actual book).

Here's one of my rewards: a lifetime membership card of the Friends of Finkleman Foundation. That's Mort Finkleman on the card. He's the publisher and shameless huckster of Tales to Suffice. He bears a striking resemblance to famous real-life comic book creator...hmmm.

Here's a something cool: a copy of Tales to Suffice #1. I already own this issue, but this one has perfect binding (that's a square spine, folks). It's awesome.

Kenny also sent a Cool Beans, Man mini comic. If you haven't read Kenny's journal comic, check it out at his blog. He even lets me color the comic (which is cool).

Here's another one of my Kickstarter rewards. It's a comic book cover designed specifically for me. I love it because features my comic strip characters, Roofus, Dogstar and Dog Wonder, AND it pays homage to Batman #1 at the same damn time. Nice work, Kenny.

If one customized cover wasn't enough, Kenny decided to make me ANOTHER customized cover. This one is the MY FAVORITE. It features a crossover between my webcomic, Roofus, and Kenny's (now defunct) webcomic, Squaresville. It's so cool to see Roofus drawn in Kenny's style.

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