Sunday, February 28, 2010

License to Drive

Final Illustration

Rough Sketches

Here's some brand-spankin' new art that I did for a magazine column. The columnist's son turned 16 and she wrote about how he immediately wanted to go to the DMV for his driver's license. Recently, I purchased some new brush pens and I was eager to try them out. I did some practice sketches to experiment with line quality. I did the final drawing on a piece of comic book drawing paper measuring 11 x 17. I discovered that drawing very large on the page allowed me to better control my pen and improved my line quality. In the future, I think I may start drawing in a larger format.

Magazine Layout

Bonus Sketch: Below is my initial concept. I did a rough pencil sketch and scanned it. Then, I attempted to use my Wacom tablet to finish the drawing. It was fun "inking" with my Wacom, but ultimately, I just didn't like the drawing. I decided to just scrap it altogether. I'm glad because I think my final version is the best version.

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