Monday, April 12, 2010

Shiny Happy People

Here's a recent magazine illustration that I did. In the article, the author wrote that Louisiana (my home state) was recently voted the happiest state in the U.S. I'm not sure I believe that. I know a lot of people that live here and they are pretty unhappy. I think Louisiana is a great place to live if you: (A) are a blue collar worker, (B) love hunting and fishing, (C) are old and retired. I think it's a horrible place to live if you are a creative person (I'm specifically talking about north LA since that's where I live). I think there are lots of talented people who live here, but unless you paint cats, deer or fish, no one cares. Also, the creative job market is abysmal. There's just not a lot of job opportunities for people in the creative field.

But, hey. This is supposed to be a happy blog post. Have a nice day.


  1. Pretty good but it needs more deer.

    Seriously though, I like the composition a lot.

  2. Stay tuned. Next week I'll be posting my gallery of large mouth bass paintings ... on velvet.