Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One Last Thing

Final Illustration

Magazine Layout

Since about 2005, I've drawn magazine illustrations for a local monthly magazine, SB Magazine. From 2001-2009, Mike Whitehead was the editor/publisher of the magazine. When I say Mike was the editor/publisher, he acutally did A LOT more than that. One of his thousands of duties was writing a monthly column called One Last Thing. Luckily, I got to illustrate his column every month.

When I do editorial illustrations, I attempt to make an illustration that visually represents the ideas in the story, but ALSO I try to make the illustration stand on its own as a work of art. Having said that, I usually avoid doing caricatures of the author/writer. Since this was his 99th and final column, I decided to break my rule and feature a very stylized drawing of Mike.

Update: Above, I've addd an image of magazine layout. This is the how the illustration looked in the magazine when it was printed.

Bonus Illustration: This was an alternate illustration I did. I showed both drawings to Mike and let him choose his favorite. He liked the first one, so I went with it. Looking back, I think I like this one better. Before I posted it here, I did a little work on it. I added some construction paper textures. I also added some shading and highlights. The writing on the cupcake is the title of Mike's column, "One Last Thing."

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