Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter from Roofus

I woke up this Easter morning and felt inspired to make an Easter card for my nephew. I thought it would be fun to embarrass Roofus by dressing him up in a bunny outfit. Hope everyone has a happy and less humiliating Easter.

Creator Commentary: I think this drawing was a breakthrough for me (technically at least). This is the first Roofus drawing that I did completely on my Wacom. I sketched it, inked, colored it ALL using the Wacom tablet. I'm extremely happy with the results.


  1. And I woke up Easter morning inspired to eat my weight in marshmallow Peeps... YOU WIN

  2. Ha! I knew the Wacom would lure you in! Nice work.

  3. HA! Thanks. I do love drawing holiday-themed stuff. Never really like Peeps though.