Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Luck of the Spastic

It's the middle of March and that means it's time for midterms. It's also time for St. Patrick's Day. Delirious from cramming for midterms, Roofus thinks he sees a leprechaun.

Creator Commentary: Roofus was originally published in black and white, so I decided to experiment with some color. Since the strips featured this week have a St. Patty's theme, I chose a palette of various greens. I also am trying out a new shading technique that I learned from tutorial by PVP cartoonist, Scott Kurtz. I'm extremely happy with the results.


  1. You already know how I feel about this one player. Love the coloring, too. Ted Turner would be proud.

  2. Yeah, I remember you had this one hanging on your fridge. It's an honor when someone deems your comics "fridge-worthy." Thanks.