Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gettin' Jiggy With It

I really like the third panel.

Creator Commentary: This is a recurring theme in the Roofus strip. He's always stressing out over finals and midterms (to the point that he becomes delusional). The font I'm using in the strip is a new custom-made font based on my own handwriting. I love this font. It gives the strip a more hand-crafted, unique look. Using a font is SO much quicker than lettering by hand. Also, using a font gives you the freedom to easily rewrite and edit dialogue (this is especially necessary in humor writing). Making the font was easy and very FREE. Check it out at


  1. Haha, cool. I'm glad your staying productive.

  2. Thanks, Matt. This is a St. Patty's Day storyline that I did a few years ago, but the coloring is ALL NEW. I watched a coloring tutorial by PVP cartoonist Scott Kurtz and it was very educational. Glad you liked it.