Monday, February 25, 2013

Wait..You Want Me To Draw WHAT?


During my illustration career, I've gotten some odd requests.  I recently did a freelance illustration job for a gun club located at Barksdale Air Force Base. They wanted to feature a cartoon version of a B-52 airplane on their club T-shirts. I thought, OK. That seems simple enough, right?

No. They wanted a cartoon B-52 airplane...shooting a gun. Seems bizarre, but that's what they wanted. Sometimes a customer or client throws you a curve ball, and it's up to you to meet the creative challenge. Those creative challenges give you more experience as an artist. Now, I can say with confidence that I can draw a gun-toting aircraft.


  1. Aw man, this is a great post. I bet between all of us we could come up with some pretty left field things we've been asked to draw. I think James may take the cake. He gets some of the strangest requests. But yes, anytime someone asks if anyone can draw a gun toting B-52. You can stand up with confidence and say "I got this".

  2. Yeah, man. We could certainly trade war stories on the topic of strange illustration requests. I've got two great examples I can lead with: 1) Mother Puckers. 2)Penis Mascot.