Monday, March 5, 2012

2012 Addy Awards

Saturday, March 3, I attended the ADDY awards. For the uninitiated, The ADDYs is an awards ceremony for advertising.

I am proud to announce that Gremillion and Pou was awarded both a GOLD and a BEST IN PRINT award for the L'Auberge Casino New Year's Eve invitation. L'Auberge Casino charged us with the task of creating an 8 page mini-comic that would promote their New Year's Eve celebration. I'm especially proud because I helped oversee the creative direction of this project from beginning to end.

Gremillion and Pou was also awarded two Silver ADDYs for TV commercials. Fellow co-worker Matt Weeks and I both produced these commercials. You can watch the award winning videos HERE and HERE.

Gremillion and Pou took home a total of 10 ADDYs (more than any of the other agencies I might add). It reminded me that G&P is awesome and I am surrounded by talented people everyday.


  1. This is awesome Brad! Congrats, man! It's a great feeling to have a project you're so proud of be recognized by your peers. Too cool. Great work!

  2. Yo, WHAT! That's incredible man. The comic and commercial look great. That's not you doing the voice work on that commercial is it?

  3. That was totally me. Not only did I do the voice over, but I also wrote and storyboarded the entire thing. It was fun.