Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween Roofus Decorations

This Halloween, I decided to throw a big Halloween party at my house. I decked out my pad with all sorts of cool cartoony Halloween decor. When I was shopping for decorations, I found these at my local Target.

I thought it might be cool to create some Halloween Roofus figures for my party. So I bought these Halloween Themed Color Blanks figures. I purchased a frankenstein, a pumpkin head and a ghost figure. Then, I painted the figures with acrylic paint and applied the details with a Sharpie pen. Finally, I made some Roofus ears out of flexible foam paper and glued them each figure. Here is the final result.



Ghost Roofus

I'm not normally good at arts and crafts, but I was pleasantly pleased at how these little figures turned out. I especially like how the Ghost Roofus looks. He looks exactly like he did as he appeared in his Halloween adventure.