Wednesday, February 2, 2011

4 After 5 Art Showcase: Dogstar

Here's another Roofus comic strip that was featured in the 4 After 5 art exhibit. I've included the original black and white version of this strip to show how much it changed for the final color version. I redrew the entire strip using my Wacom tablet. I re-typset the dialogue using both comic book fonts, sound effect fonts and my handwritten font. I added textures in the background. I drew an entire crowd of people in the second panel. I wanted to show that there was a lot of preparation that went into the process of submitting my artwork for the 4 After 5 art show.

This comic was printed on canvas. Here are a couple of photo details that show off the canvas texture.

Artist Commentary: When Roofus is dreaming of the comic book world, all the fonts are comic book fonts. When we return to Roofus' reality, the comic book font reverts to my regular handwritten font. This is a very subtle way to visually represent a shift from fantasy to reality.

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