Sunday, January 30, 2011

Marvel Gets Tronned

Disney owns Marvel Comics. As a promotional tie-in, Marvel recently featured Tron versions of the biggest Marvel characters on their comic covers. As a comic book fan, this makes me feel conflicted. On one hand, I have a serious problem with Disney co-opting my favorite comic books as an advertising platform for their latest movie. Where does it stop? Will Marvel feature "pirate" versions of all the Marvel characters when the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie comes out? Let's hope not.

On the other hand, they look pretty damn cool.


  1. This sort of thing turns me off in general, but I can't deny that those covers look kind of amazing.

    And c'mon... Who doesn't want a pirate Moon Knight?

  2. I think these are awesome! I bought the Wolverine cover at Excalibur and am considering getting the other 3 that he has in stock as well. I love the Tron movie and I could care less if it's shameless self-promotion. And yes, I would buy a Captain Logan Wolverine cover if it looked this awesome.