Monday, January 24, 2011

4 After 5 Art Showcase: Oxygen Bar

The 4 After 5 exhibit has come and gone. It was a huge success and the 4 After 5 crew had a great time. Now that it's over, I've decided to share my artwork that was featured in the show (with creator commentary). So here we go.

This illustration was originally done for SB Magazine. The article was about oxygen bars. Originally when it was published, the Finished Art version was used. When I decided to enter this illustration in the 4 After 5 show, I decided to add a background and texture.

Finished Art

4 After 5 Version

Photo Detail

Creator Commentary: For research, I actually went to a local oxygen bar. It was a pretty lame experience. I actually sat at a bar and there was an actual bartender with an actual menu of oxygen. The oxygen machine looks exactly like the one in my illustration. I was served an energy drink and was allowed 20 minutes of oxygen. It was a pretty lame experience, especially when you consider that you're PAYING MONEY to breath oxygen that you could be breathing FOR FREE.

Bonus Sketch: Here's an alternate sketch that I did for the article. I REALLY like this illustration. I liked it so much, I decided to ink it with my Wacom. I tried to make it look very sketchy. I think it has a classic  editorial cartoon look.

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