Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Travis Eck's 4 After 5 Swag

So, you all know about the upcoming 4 After 5 art exhibit, right? Did you know that the 4 After 5 artists will be selling official merchandise at the show? That's right! So, bring your cash and head on down to the opening reception this Thursday night.

Travis Eck's 4 After 5 Swag

Travis will be selling his very own comic book, Hue's Day (Hue Saves the World). Here's the official product description:

Hue's Day follows the life and times of good-natured nerd, Hue Snodgrass, and his best-friend, Herbie.  It's got comedy, action/adventure, and a bit of mystery all in one story! Will they pet a dog? Will they find some fritos? Will they survive a wicked ninja ambush? Maybe! Anything can happen! In this, Hue's first issue, he actually SAVES THE WORLD! See how in Hue's Day #1!