Friday, November 12, 2010

Presenting the Official 4 After 5 Jam Comic Book!

Would you like to read the completed jam comic that I've been posting all week? Well, you'll just have to come on down to the 4 After 5 art exhibit on Thursday, November 18 at coolspace at artspace! As well as showcasing our art, the 4 After 5 artists will be selling our wares. We will be selling a 20 page mini-comic featuring artwork by all four artists: Brad Campbell, Travis Eck, Jeremy Johnson and Jeff Welborn.  In fact, here's a sneak peek at the cover art.

The jam comic was not only entirely drawn by the 4A5 crew, but it was also lovingly hand-crafted by the artists as well. Here are some pics from our "Assembley Party." Not pictured is Travis Eck. He was busy taking care of his newly born child. He was there in spirit. 

Here's a shot of the unassembled books. That's a lot of pages!

That's me! I was in charge of collating. They made me do the hard part.

Jeremy "Staples" Johnson was charged with saddle-stitching. 

 Jeff "Slasher" Welborn maniacally wields the long arm cutter. Watch those fingers, Jeff!

Jeremy takes a reading break. Back to work, Johnson!

Jeff Welborn is aghast as I creepily stare over his shoulder.

"We're hilarious!"

Here's the final stack of jam comics, completely assembled. It only took us one and a half fun-filled hours!

Just for fun, we thought it would be cool to make an actual jam jar prop that mimics our cover art. We will display this prop next to our books that will be on sale at the opening reception.

For more info about the 4 After 5 art exhibit, visit or the 4 After 5 event page on Facebook.


  1. Can you hold onto one for me? I will pay you.

  2. Kenny, I'll save one for you, buddy. Jeff, it IS cool stuff. You help make it happen!