Tuesday, November 2, 2010

4 After 5 Q&A: Meet Jeremy

Jeremy Johnson
Web Developer @ Pixel Fusion

Q. What does the 4 After 5 art exhibit represent?

A. As illustrators, I think this exhibit is a unique opportunity to share our work in a gallery setting – the more exposure to new audiences we can get, the better! 

Q. Your day job is a professional designer. Between work and home life, when do you find time to draw? 

A. My brain is always thinking up ideas, but it’s sometimes hard to find the time to commit them to paper (or to the computer screen). Often, sketches in the margins of a notepad or on the corner of a bank statement become the starting point for a finished piece. Music-fueled late night sessions are usually when I add the final touches.

Q. What inspires you to create?

A. Some of my influences include the work of Jarrett J. Krozoska (studiojjk.com), Todd Parr (toddparr.com) and the films of Wes Anderson. Inspiration for my art also comes from music, sci-fi, nature…all kinds of places!

Oh, and coffee usually helps to get me inspired…lots and lots of coffee.

Q. The 4 After 5 exhibit comprises of 4 artists. How much collaboration between artists was there and what was that experience like? 

A. Though there isn’t any collaboration between artists for our actual show pieces, we do work together quite a bit “behind the scenes.” Since we began meeting in January 2010, the group has completed quite a few jam comics together and has also worked closely on the details of the 4AFTER5 show planning. Since artists often work in their own little bubble, the camaraderie gained throughout this process has been a welcome and exciting experience.

Sample Panel from a 4 After 5 Jam Comic

Q. What’s your preferred medium (pen, ink, digital)? 

A. I create my artwork digitally (mostly in Adobe Illustrator). I’ve always had a passion for clean, bold, symmetrical lines…and I also appreciate the convenience of being able to hit “undo” on the keyboard.

I’m currently trying to bring a handmade aesthetic to some of my work as well -- I have several painted illustrations and block prints based on the TOOMASOOBA creations in the works, along with some other items that are currently top-secret! 

Q. What type of art will you exhibit at 4 After 5?

A. The art you will see from me consists of digitally-created illustrations of robots, strange creatures, and other oddities. I’ve always been a fan of slightly askew subject matter and the pieces I plan to exhibit reflect that aesthetic.

Q. What project or projects are you currently working on? 

A. I’m constantly working to grow the TOOMASOOBA world. In addition to the upcoming 4AFTER5 show, I will be attending Shreveport’s first “Maker’s Fair” (November 6th) with prints, shirts and other items available for sale. 

Check out www.toomasooba.com for more art, free downloads and other cool stuff…be sure to join the Facebook group for all the latest updates!

For more info about the 4 After 5 art exhibit, visit www.4after5.com or the 4 After 5 event page on Facebook.


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