Monday, October 18, 2010

Back to the Jam: Part 1

Hey, folks. I'm still gearing up for the upcoming 4 After 5 art exhibit. Just a reminder, the opening reception takes place on November 18 from 5 - 8 pm at coolspace @ artspace. Can't make it to opening night? No sweat! The show will display through January 7, 2011. The show will feature art by Brad Campbell (me), Travis Eck, Jeremy Johnson and Jeff Welborn.

Speaking of those guys, here's a panel from one of our jam comics. Once a month, the 4 After 5 crew meets to discuss event planning, cartooning, etc. We usually conclude our meetings with a drawing session in which we create a jam comic. Here's how it works: one of us will start drawing a panel and then pass it along to the next artist. Then, the next artist continues the story. This goes on and on until the story is finished. It's a really fun and creative way to make comics.

This jam comic was a tribute to one of my all-time favorite movies, Back to the Future. I'll post a panel per day. On Friday, I'll post the completed comic.


  1. That wasn't the completed comic? It's hilarious anyway!:)

  2. Thanks! This jam comic is a little different. Each artist did a single panel comic (i.e. Far Side) about BTTF. I'll be posting the others all week.

  3. I love your take on Doc. He looks (almost) as crazy as the real thing. :)