Tuesday, October 5, 2010

24 Hour Comic EPIC FAIL: Part 2

I've been thinking about what went wrong with my 24 Hour Comic. I think one of the problems was my technique. In the past years, I've drawn my 24 Hour Comics traditionally by hand with pen and paper. This year, I tried to do it using my Wacom tablet. I think this contributed to fatigue, since I was forced to sit in front of my computer all day. When drawing with pen and paper, it allows me the mobility of moving around the house and staying comfortable (sitting on my bed, sitting on my couch/recliner). I think next year, I'll switch back to the tried and true process of drawing. (I'm not knocking my Wacom tablet. I still love it.)


  1. You are going to have to tech me how you get your line quality so sharp. I use the Wacom all the time but my lines seem to be clunky.

  2. Poor fish....do we get to see that wish????