Friday, May 14, 2010

Son of Slick

Slick Jr. was influenced by two things. One was Nermal the cat from Garfield. Nermal was the world's cutest kitty cat that would annoy Garfield. The second (and bigger) influence was Sylvester Jr. from the Looney Tunes cartoons. I loved the dysfunctional relationship that Sylvester the cat & Sylvester Jr. had and I tried to capture that with Slick & Slick Jr.

Slick Jr. created continuity problems. One problem was that Slick Jr. didn't live with Slick. He would only occasionally visit. I never explained this. The way I see it, Slick Jr. was owned by someone else (maybe an unseen friend or relative of Jake) which would explain his occasional appearances. Also, who is Slick Jr.'s mother? I never made any references to Slick having a "wife." Wouldn't his girlfriend, Baby, want to know who Slick Jr.'s mom is? Wouldn't Slick Jr. want to know? It never came up. Maybe one day I'll solve this mystery.

Note: This comic is bizarre. A father crushing his son to death is just a little twisted. I was a weird kid.

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