Saturday, April 3, 2010

March Jam Comic: IN COLOR!

On March 20, our cartoonist group met again to talk about upcoming projects, drawing and video games. As always, we drew a jam comic. In the first panel, Travis Eck begins the story by drawing a hapless redneck (let's call him Earl) being snatched up by some sort of gigantic air fowl. Jeremy Johnson introduced Earl Jr. into the fray with his depiction of the second panel. Things aren't looking good for our hero as he plummets to his unfortunate doom as drawn by Jeff Welborn. Six months later, we find a crazed Earl Sr. awkwardly fitting in with his new family thanks to yours truly.

The Effed-Up End.

Creator Commentary: This might be the best jam comic we've done yet. I had so much fun, I had to add some color. I made the color in the first three panels very intense to reflect the action and I made the color in the last panel softer. I also erased the borders. I think it gives the art a more open feel.


  1. Whoa! Color?! Bad. Ass.

    Nice job on them also.

  2. Thanks, man. I've been coloring a lot lately just because I need the practice. Glad you liked it. I gotta say, your panel is my favorite. That is such a great composition you did just off the top of your head. Amazing job.