Thursday, April 29, 2010

Boswald T. Bass: Third Times a Charm

This is the third incarnation of Boswald T. Bass. This time, I ditched the whole origin story and dropped the parent characters. I made the strip an ensemble cast and introduced an entirely new cast of characters. There's Crabby, the crab who's...well, crabby. There's Al, the oyster who can't form a pearl. There's Striper, a tropical fish who's not the brightest fish in the sea. There's Thurston, the egotistical star fish. And finally there's Sparky, the overly-friendly electric eel. This is my favorite version of the strip. Unfortunately, this version never made it past the early development stage. I only did a handful of strips. I think it's a good comic strip. Maybe one day I'll revisit Boswald and his aquatic pals.


  1. Boswald lives!

    I've still got that sketch you did for me of you, Danny Walker and Boswald hanging outside of Montgomery's sharing a 40.

  2. Mr. Goodnight, how are you, sir? Good to hear from you. I vaguely remember that drawing. Can you scan that in and send it to me? Or post it on Facebook? Good to hear from you. Thanks for checking out my blog.

  3. Not too bad, Brad. I'll look for the box I've got it in and scan it as soon as I get a chance.