Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Go Tigers!

Here's an oldie from my high school days. This was a drawing that I did for a spirit tag. My high school's mascot was a tiger, and the opposing school's mascot, in this case, was a farmer. I also drew a comic strip for my high school newspaper featuring the tiger mascot. That was my first published work.


  1. Wow. The Farmers? Really? You almost don't even need the tiger or the tractor when you're going up against a team called The Farmers. You could have just drawn a farmer with a slogan that read "THEY ARE CALLED THE FARMERS." The humiliating has already done itself for you.

  2. But to add on: I like the drawing. I've never actually seen how plowing is done so I'm assuming this is an accurate depiction. I can remember being in junior high and wanting to draw those spirit ribbons myself. Furthermore I wondered what artistic genius at my school had been drawing them all along, but that was before I learned about clip art. It's cool that you got to actually make one.

  3. Thanks for the hilarious comments.