Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Roofus' Halloween Adventure Part 4

Creator's commentary: The Big Red Monster from various Bugs Bunny cartoons makes a cameo in the second panel. The actual name of that character is Gossamer. True story. Also, in the second panel, you may notice the word, "Boo-urns." This is not a typo. It's a Simpsons reference. In the episode, A Star is Burns, Mr. Burns enters a ridiculously inaccurate biopic of himself into a local film festival. After watching the film, the audience loudly boos Mr. Burns' movie. Burns turns to Smithers and asks, "Smithers, are they booing me?" Smithers replys, "No, they're saying Boo-urns...Boo-urns." That scene ALWAYS cracks me up, so I snuck it in as an inside joke for myself.

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