Monday, June 4, 2012

Super Nanny to the Rescue

This is an illustration that I drew for an editorial article from SB Magazine. The author was comparing the local city council to a room full of petulant children. In the article, the author mentions that she needs to call Super Nanny to take care of the city council situation. This article was written a few years ago when the Super Nanny reality show was very popular.

I'm going to be honest. I had never heard of the reality show, Super Nanny, until years later after I drew this. I used my imagination to create a super-heroic version of Super Nanny rather than the proper British school marm portrayed in the TV show. I'm kinda glad I had never seen the show, because I really like this final illustration. This is an example of how ignorance can work in your favor.

This was hand drawn with pen and ink on illustration board (before I started drawing digitally). The colors are by Matt Beckham. I'm also including the original pencil sketches and the ink drawing. The sketches really reveal my thought process. You can see the idea forming on paper.

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