Monday, March 8, 2010

Pencils Down

Final Illustration
Sketch #1

This was an illustration I did for a magazine column about Dr. Phil's Personality Test. I don't like Dr. Phil. I'm not a big fan of Oprah either. Have you seen O Magazine? She puts herself on the cover, EVERY MONTH! These are clearly the acts of a woman gone mad. Unfortunately for me, the columnist was a big fan of BOTH talk show fiends.

Creator Commentary: I decided to do a caricature of Dr. Phil. Sketch #1 was too cartoony. Plus, I didn't think it looked like Dr. Phil. It looked more like my dad. I really liked Sketch #2, but I was up against a deadline. Sketch #2 was too detailed and complex, so I opted to go in a completely different direction for the final illustration. I think it's more appropriate, because the column was about Dr. Phil's Personality Test, not Oprah's. The big pencil represents the test and I included the Dr. Phil logo to drive the point home.
Bonus Sketch: This was another idea I had. I used my Wacom to paint over a photo of Oprah. Then, I scribbled some color over the rough pencils. I might use this method in the future when doing a caricature.

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