Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Second that Emoticon

This was a magazine illustration that accompanied a feature story about internet dating. I'm happy with the final result, but looking back, today I would have taken a different approach with this one. Instead of drawing by hand, I think it would have been more appropriate to create this in Illustrator using a vector-y, more graphic look. I do however like the flat look of the final product and the colors by Matt Beckham are exquisite.

Evolution of a Sketch: Below is a good example of the evolution of an idea into a fully, realized drawing. I knew I wanted this drawing to have a flat, simple look. The first sketch below was a good idea, but it didn't capture the dating aspect of the story. The second sketch was cute (subbing the cursor arrow for cupid's arrow) but I wanted something more adult in tone. My idea began to solidify with the third sketch. This one captured the love connection aspect of the story. With the fourth sketch, I decided a close-up is better and I designed the details of the lovers' faces. With the fifth sketch, I framed the couple with a computer monitor and added a keyboard. Even at the inking stage, revisions are made. I slightly poked the couple's heads out of the monitor to add some depth. The final touch: flirty emoticons.


  1. I always liked this one a lot. It's funny to hear you lament over how you would have done it with newer technology and techniques. I'm always doing that too. Oh, to be George Lucas...

  2. The cool thing I neglected to mention is that when this was originally published, it was a full page. It was used as a lead-in page for the story. Usually my art is reproduced smaller within a column. It was really cool to have artwork "bleed" off the page in an actual printed publication.